Congratulations to our 2022 winners!

“I was impressed by the young age of the applicants, their strong perseverance, and creative uses of technology in making a difference in people’s lives.”

–  Shawn, Selection Committee Member

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“The projects that young people undertake become a little bit grander in scale and in connectedness to the world around them each year.”

–  Ashley, Selection Committee Member

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Years since Inception

Number of Young People Honored

Money Raised By Winners
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The Winners

Of the 550 young people honored by the Barron Prize, 229 have been young men and 321 young women. The youngest winner was just 8 years old.

Their Contribution

Our winners have raised more than $26 MILLION dollars for their causes – ranging from humanitarian efforts to environmental projects.

Their Projects

Of the young people honored by the Barron Prize since its inception, 332 have done humanitarian service work, and 218 have done environmental service work.
“We need heroes today more than ever.” – T. A. Barron


2022 Winner

The Nereid Project

Laalitya invented Nereid, a low-cost, globally applicable device that can detect water contamination within seconds.


2021 Winner

Michael’s Desserts

Michael uses his love of baking to help others. For every sweet treat he sells, he donates one to someone in need. He has also distributed thousands of healthy non-perishable snacks to underserved kids through his P.L.L.A.T.E. initiative.


2020 Winner

Youth Vs Apocalypse

Isha co-founded Youth Vs. Apocalypse (YVA) which works to lift the voices of youth – in particular, youth of color – in the fight for a livable climate and equitable world.


2018 Winner

Bridge Tutoring Program

Armando created the Bridge Tutoring Program which provides students in under-resourced communities with free, weekly, after-school tutoring and mentorship.

Pearl and Addy

2019 Winners

Meating the Need for Our Village

Pearl and Addy have raised and donated 10,000 pounds of meat, 2,000 gallons of milk, and 200 dozen eggs, making a $56,000 impact in their community.


2017 Winner

Joshua’s Heart

Joshua’s non-profit has distributed more than 1.5 million pounds of food to over 350,000 individuals in South Florida, Jamaica, Africa, India, and the Philippines.

Winning the Barron Prize…made me feel like my project was important. I felt like people realized even though I was so young I made a difference for someone. Helping others is very rewarding and special.

2014 Winner, Warming Families Makes Cents

A hero is someone who follows his conscience to do the right thing and who plants the seeds of change, compassion, goodwill, service, and generosity.

2004 Winner, Garden Angels

Winning the Barron Prize was an incredible honor. It gave me the courage to continue my work and the knowledge that the work that I am doing is important and can really make a difference.

2005 Winner, Peruvian Hearts

A hero uses their abilities to make a positive difference in the life of another person. Heroes don’t let factors like age, economic status, or even physical limitations hold them back from trying to make the world a better place.

2012 Winner, Puzzles to Remember



Author T. A. Barron founded the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes in 2001 and named the prize after his mother, a quiet hero in his own life. A long-time advocate of the power of youth, Barron writes about fictional young heroes in his novels, but champions inspiring young people in real life. He is the author of more than 30 highly acclaimed books and the winner of the de Grummond Medallion for “lifetime contribution to the field of children’s and young adult literature,” among other awards.



The Barron Prize is named after T. A. Barron’s mother, Gloria Barron. An unsung hero, Gloria worked for over twenty years to create a unique nature museum at the Colorado School for the Blind—a museum where everything can be touched. She lived the life of a teacher who cared deeply about her children and her community. Gloria instilled in each of her seven children the idea that one individual can make a lasting difference in the lives of others.