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We’ve compiled these resources – videos, articles, books, and more – with teachers and parents in mind. They can be used in the classroom or at home to inspire the young heroes in your life.


Inspiring Young Heroes is a website that features a collection of short videos highlighting the life-changing work of everyday young people. Through their own words, amazing kids narrate their personal journey and show how one person – no matter what age or circumstance – has the power to make a difference. These former Barron Prize winners and their stories will empower everyone to take that first step to make a positive impact on society and our planet.

Parents, teachers, and people of all ages will be inspired by these videos to make changes – big and small – in their communities and in the world! We hope you love these videos of inspiring kids as much as we do, and that you’ll spread them around the globe. It only takes a small spark of goodness to create a flame of positive change that this world needs more than ever.


Everyone has a hero inside! In this brief video, author T. A. Barron talks about what makes a hero, the difference between heroes and celebrities, and the Barron Prize.
This trailer introduces a 45-minute documentary film, Dream Big, which profiles a diverse group of passionate young people who are making the world a better place.

This playlist of videos includes a commentary by Jane Goodall, interviews with T. A. Barron and previous winners of the Barron Prize, and more.

Everyone can be a hero! Children from a school in Ohio created this video using art that illustrates what being a hero means to each of them.


The Barron Prize and our winners garner widespread media coverage – this is a sampling of our national news items. Be sure to check out our Meet the Winners pages for a comprehensive listing of local and national news for each winner.

Next Gen Innovators
Diversity in Action – Summer 2021

A passion to save gorillas makes one 11-year-old a ‘hero’
Washington Post – KidsPost – September 23, 2019

These kids are making the world a better place
Mother Nature Network – September 17, 2019

Teen Scientists Find Solutions to Problems in Developing Nations
Here & Now — November 4, 2016 | PDF

Having Kids Won’t Hurt the Planet if We Teach Them how to Save It
Outside Online — September 29, 2016 | PDF

Barron Prize encourages youths who ‘make the world better’
Christian Science Monitor — September 21, 2015 | PDF


The Hero's Trail

The Hero’s Trail

We need our heroes, today more than ever. Not just celebrities, but real heroes — people whose character enables them to triumph over great obstacles. And to make a genuine difference to our world.

That is the core of this groundbreaking book. Combining moving profiles of heroic young people with insightful commentary, T.A. Barron eloquently shows that heroes can be lasting inspirations — trail guides on our journeys through life. [more]

The Wisdom of Merlin

The Wisdom of Merlin

From T. A. Barron comes a new non-fiction book that explores what is, perhaps, Merlin’s single greatest idea: Magic surrounds us and lives in every person.

The Wisdom of Merlin: 7 Magical Words for a Meaningful Life, expands on that idea. This book holds Merlin’s magical insights – including his seven most magical words – and how they apply to our own lives. [more]


We’re delighted to provide free, downloadable educational materials to teachers, librarians, and homeschool educators. Available content includes resources to use in exploring the concept of heroes with their students. Visit T. A. Barron’s website to download these complimentary materials for use in your library or classroom.

Downloadable content includes:
  • Posters and maps from T. A. Barron’s novels
  • Bookmarks
  • The T. A. Barron Video Collection
  • Book Discussion Guides
  • Articles by T. A. Barron
  • Inspirational quotes from The Hero’s Trail
  • Barron Prize Flyer
  • The Hero’s Trail Study Guide
  • Dream Big Video Collection Flyer
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