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Crafting a Strong Barron Prize Application

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Applying to the Barron Prize

We’re just a month out from our Barron Prize application deadline (April 15) and are fielding lots of questions about what makes a strong application. Here’s how we reply! We hope this information is helpful to those of you working on your application and those who are considering applying.

Your Essay

Tell us your story – the inspiration for your service project, the obstacles or challenges you’ve overcome in launching it, and any future plans you have for sustaining or growing your work. Let us know how your service project has impacted others and how it has changed you. And the best essays have a strong voice that gives us a sense of your personality, your passions, and the way you see the world.

Your Letters of Support

Choose people who know you well and can write about the type of person you are. Your Lead Reference needs to be very familiar with your service work and able to write in detail about it. Your other two references can write more general letters that focus on your character. The best letters of support allow us to see how you lead a heroic and inspiring life.

Your Supplemental Materials

Include a few news articles and links to videos that will give us another take on you and your work. Better to pick your few “best of” versus trying to attach them all. And if you haven’t yet received much media attention or don’t have any videos to share, not to worry! You might consider attaching a few extra photos, especially ones that show you involved your involvement with your service work.