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This Year’s Barron Prize Young Heroes:
A Diverse Group United in Their Work to Change the World

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Character Qualities, Volunteerism

It’s such a rewarding time of year at the Barron Prize as we celebrate our newest young heroes and share their inspiring work! Our 2021 winners and honorees are an especially diverse group, with myriad passions, wide-ranging projects, and unique personal stories. They also share much in common. All are deeply committed to a cause and are acting with compassion, determination, and courage to effect change in creative ways.

Below, we present our 2021 young heroes in several groupings that highlight both their individuality and their collective effort to change the world!

They’re Innovating for Good

Several of our new young heroes are using technology to help other people and the planet. Adarsh has invented a smart sprinkler to conserve water. Shreyas is supporting students in using Artificial Intelligence to address problems like climate change, school violence, and human trafficking. Faraz has invented a device that helps deaf people communicate with those who can hear, and Sascha is using video technology to tackle illiteracy in Hawaii.

Sascha Pakravan

They’re Working for Equity

Other young heroes are improving access to education and health care to help level the playing field for all. Gitanjali and Rachel are providing STEM education to underserved kids. Twin sisters Brooke and Breanna advocate for menstrual equity by providing hygiene supplies and information for teens in Alabama. Jordan works to change the conversation around disability and to support kids with limb differences in designing helpful innovations. Shayen is committed to making sure all kids have access to sports equipment and the technology they need for school.

Shayen Patel

They’re Protecting Our Planet

Many of our new young heroes are fighting for the planet in force! Miles is fundraising to protect our oceans and Chloe Mei is working to keep plastic drinking straws out of them. Ella and Cash are cleaning up waterways and challenging other kids to join them. Duncan is protecting butterflies, Sarah is addressing climate change, and Evan is planting hundreds of trees. Sonja is protecting wetlands and drinking water sources using a novel bioassessment method she created. Vivian is rescuing gently-used hotel linens and donating them to shelters that support the underserved. Levi is doing similar work by redirecting excess food from landfills to those in need.

Sonja Michaluk

They’re Engaging Other Youth

Three new winners are rallying their peers to tackle pressing problems. Alexandra’s team of teens is fighting to ban the carcinogenic gas EtO near schools and residential areas. Olivia founded The Cramm to summarize the daily news for Gen Z as a way to empower youth and encourage activism. Ellie supports thousands of tech-savvy teens as Interns 4-Good, connecting them with nonprofits in need of their skills.

Alexandra Collins

They’re Caring for Others

A number of our new young heroes are committed to helping those in need. Abby and her team are growing fresh produce for shelters and soup kitchens. Michael is gifting his baked goods to the underserved and fundraising to address food insecurity. Lana is distributing excess food, new children’s books, and handmade crafts to families in need. Jordan is sewing and selling coffee cup sleeves to help fund breast cancer treatment and research. All are using their passions and talents to improve the lives of other people.

Lana Anderson